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Associate Dean Yu Lingyun Invited to Deliver a Lecture to the Government Leadersof Shaanxi Province

On 20th,March,2017, Hu Heping, the governor of Shaanxi province, presided over the first government leaders meeting on legal study. Professor Yu Lingyun, associate dean of the Tsinghua Law School, delivered a tutoring lecture on the significance and method of the standardization of law enforcement. The leading group of the government and the chief leaders of the departments participated in the meeting.

The governor Hu Heping remarked that the standardization of administrative law enforcement is the concrete action to put the principle of “rule by law” into practice and the urgent requirement to build a law-based government. It has great importance in accelerating the modernization of the law enforcement system and ability of the government.

Professor Yu Lingyun’s areas of interest include administrative law, administrative procedural law and police law. He is associate dean and professor of the Tsinghua law school. He has served as the vice president of the Association of Case Law, China Law Society, executive director of Association of Administrative Law, China Law Society, etc. He has published over 11 textbooks and monographs.