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The Sixth China-Japan Corporate Law Conference was held at Tsinghua Law School

During March 4th-5th2017, the Sixth China-Japan Corporate Law Conference, was hosted by Commercial Law Center of Tsinghua Law School. Twenty-seven scholars and practitioners from China and Japan participated in the conference. Professor Shen Weixing,Dean of the Tsinghua Law School, Professor Zhu Ciyun, Director of Commercial Law Center of Tsinghua Law School and Professor Hiroyuki Kansaku fromthe University of Tokyo made opening speeches respectively.

The theme of the conference is the legal remedy of company resolution flaw,  a very important issue in the field of corporate law. Chinese and Japanese scholars fully exchanged theirviews on this issue during the conference.

The China-Japan Corporate Law Conference, initiated by Professor Wang Baoshu of Tsinghua Law School and Professor Hideki Kanda of the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law, is a collaborative project between two schools’ commercial law professionals. It has been successfully hosted for six rounds since 2013. The next conference will be held at the University of Tokyo in July, 2017.