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Two Tsinghua Law Professors Won the 8thAward for National Top Ten Outstanding Young Jurists”

According to China Law Society, Professor Liang Shangshang from Tsinghua Law School won the 8thAward for “National Top Ten Outstanding Young Jurists”. Professor He Haibo from Tsinghua LawSchool was a nominee for this award.

 Professor Liang Shangshang

Professor He Haibo

The selection process started in June,2016, involving 120 young jurists from different legal areas. Ten jurists from across China won the 8th Award for National Top Ten Outstanding Young Jurists” and 20 jurists were nominated.

So far, six Tsinghua Law Professors has won the honorary title of “National Top Ten Outstanding Young Jurists”, including Cui Jianyuan( the 2nd), Zhang Mingkai(the 3rd), Xu Zhangrun( the 4th),Wang Zhenmin(the 6th), Shen Weixing(the 7th) and Liang Shangshang(the 8th).

Cui Jianyuan( the 2nd)

Professor Cui Jianyuan’s main research interests are Civil Law and Commercial Law. He earned great achievements on Contractual Liability, Contract Law, Real Estate Law of China and published more than 70 papers. Meanwhile, he acts as vice president of Chinese Civil Law Society, arbitrator of CIETAC, arbitrator of Beijing Arbitration Commission and legal consultant of the People’s Daily.

Zhang Mingkai(the 3rd)

Professor Zhang Mingkai’s areas of interests lieprimarily in Criminal Law. His academic works include Theories of Criminal Law, Criminal Responsibilities and Economical Crimes in Market economy and Countermeasures. Meanwhile, he acts as director of China Law Society, vice president of China Criminal Law Society and legal consultant of the Supreme People's Procuratorate.

Xu Zhangrun( the 4th)

Professor Xu Zhangrun’s areas of interests are Jurisprudence and Constitutional Law. His academic works include Confucian Misgivingsand Jurist's Wisdom.He is a full-time professor and Director of Centre for Studies in Rule of Law and Human Rights at Tsinghua Law School since 2000.

Wang Zhenmin(the 6th)

Professor Wang Zhenmin’s areas of interests include Chinese constitutional and administrative law, Hong Kong and Macao Basic Laws, Comparative law. He has published over 60 articles on Chinese and Overseas academic journals. He is the former dean of Tsinghua Law School, executive director of the Board of China Law Society, president of China Society for Judicial Case Studies, vice president of China Society of Constitutional Law, and amember of American Law Institute.

 Shen Weixing(the 7th) 

Professor Shen Weixing mainly focuses on Property law, Contract Law, Torts Law and Bioethics & Health Law. He has published over 60 articles and 17 textbooks and monographs. He is the dean and professor of Tsinghua Law School, member of Chinese Civil Law Society, and vice president of China Health Law Society.

Liang Shangshang(the 8th)

Professor Liang Shangshang’s areas of interests are mainly on Civil law,Commercial Law and Legal Methods. He is a full-time professor of Tsinghua Law School, Council Member of China Law Society, and arbitrator of Hangzhou Arbitration Commission.