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The 2rd Sino-British Symposium on Merger & Acquisition Law Was Successfully Held in London

On May 3rd, the 2rd Symposium on “Merger & Acquisition Law under Globalized New Era: Analysis from Sino-British Perspective” was jointly organized by the Law School of Tsinghua University and the University of Exeter in University of London, attended by Zhu Ciyun, Tang Xin and Zhang Chenying from Tsinghua University. More than ten scholars and legal experts from law institutes and famous law firms of University of Exeter, Tsinghua University and University of London gathered together for the meeting. They discussed China’s referring to the British and EU merger & acquisition model and probed how China flexibly applies those models to handle the challenges from merger & acquisition law.

In addition, professors from the Law School of Tsinghua University were invited to visit the Law School of the University of Exeter to meet many scholars for comprehensive communication and new joint studies in the future.